Ridge Pointe
More than just a neighborhood

Neighborhood School

Listed below are the Jenks Public Schools. For a complete list of all schools in the Tulsa area, please click here.

East Elementary
Site Principal: Ryan Glaze
205 East B Street
Tulsa, OK 74037

Jenks East Intermediate
Site Principal: Linda Reid
(918) 299-4415
3933 East 91st Street
Tulsa, OK 74137

Jenks Middle School
Principal: Dr. Nick Brown
3019 E. 101st Street
Tulsa, OK 74137

Jenks High School
Site Principal: David Beiler
205 East B Street
Jenks OK 74037

Jenks Freshman Academy
Site Principal: Judi Thorn
205 East B Street
Jenks OK 74037

Ridge Pointe Security

Fact : More crime happens in warm weather than in cold weather.
Fact : The most common crimes at this time of year are crimes of opportunity.

So please take extra measures to :
1. Ensure your garage is closed day and night.
2. Your car is locked and NO valuables are inside.
3. Your back door is locked
4. If you go on vacation, tell a neighbor/friend/find a Ridge Pointe house-sitter.

Ridge Pointe isn't immune to what is happening to the rest of Tulsa regarding crime. Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings.

Please report any suspicious activity to
Police Emergency 911
Tulsa Police 24hr non-emergency 918-596-9222

If you have had a security concern, contact the police first, they may have you fill out a report online. http://www.tulsapolice.org/ The police will direct you to further steps if necessary.

Then, please contact ridgepointe@gmail.com and the information will be forwarded via email to the neighborhood as deemed necessary by the H.O.A.

Remember, the police can't act on a security issue if they don't know about it!

Home Improvements

If your list of outdoor projects and/or spring cleaning efforts that include - yard work preparation, cleaning out the garage, replace and put up new fences, new coat of exterior paint on the house, flower beds planted, numerous small construction projects, etc. These are all great projects that help make Ridge Pointe one of Tulsa’s premiere neighborhoods!

Please keep in mind Ridge Pointe has an established set of restrictive covenants that address several of these projects. Please visit here if you need a copy of the restrictive covenants.

We all invest in Ridge Pointe because we believe it to be a quality, residential neighborhood. It’s each homeowner’s responsibility to at least comply with regulations. Hopefully, pride will stimulate each of us to exceed minimum expectations and work to enhance the aesthetics of Ridge Pointe.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Ridge Pointe H.O.A

Helpful Information

Animal Control (lost dog, loose animals) 918-669-6299

City of Tulsa Emergency Phone Numbers (call 911 or below numbers)